The Duties of a Bard

I’ve long said that the first duty of a bard is to observe. If we do not stand as witness for the events that surround us, then the stories are not available for those who come after us

Here is my current personal rubric:

Observe If we don’t notice the story, it may be lost
Remember Accuracy matters.
Reflect Find the narative threads in what you observed
Recount Identify the ways in which this narrative may matter to your potential audiences, both identified and to be found later.  Craft the story you want to tell
Rehearse Make good art.  Strive to be the best performer you can be.  If the narrative is important, the quality of the performance shows this more than the content itself
Relate Make the performance matter to the specific audience you are in front of, whether it’s 1 person or 1000, whoever they are and wherever you are.

History is the narrative that our descendants will tell about us.