The Realm of Erehwon

Hearken to the sound of Erehwon's call
As the leaves of Summer turn to Fall
Beckoning warriors one and all 
To the Realm of Erehwon.

On the field of battle all as one
Gather in chivalry beneath the Sun
For a new day has begun
Behold the Realm of Erehwon

On the field and above the stream
Honor shines forth as bright blades gleam
For this moment it is no mere dream
We cross the bridge and enter Erehwon

As the eventide on us descends
Each combattant and consort are friends
Here in this land the dream nver ends
Share the joy of Erehwon.

In the dawn we watch the new Sun rise
There is no sorrow here among the wise
What lives and loves among us never dies
In the land of Erehwon.

(c) 2001 Ben Tucker {Owen Alun}