For the Midrealm:  A War Song

War Song

Fly Dragon, Fly
To the corners of the kingdom
Fly Dragon, Fly
Blaze a sign for all to see.
Fly Dragon, Fly  
For the time of War approaches
And the Armies of the MidRealm rise to meet the enemy.

Go Dragon, Go
Boldly sing the song of battle
Go Dragon, Go
Loudly blow the War Horn
Go Dragon, Go
Proudly we march forth behind you
Of chivalry and glory was the Middle Kingdom born.

Come Dragon, Come
Mighty warriors assemble
Come Dragon, Come
To the summons of the King
Come Dragon, Come
To the Pennsic War we travel
May the Dragon’s strength defend us
As we march beneath your wing

Fire Dragon, Fire
Spreading fast across the prairie
Fire Dragon, Fire
We shall drive away our foe
Fire Dragon, Fire
Let our deeds be told in story
For the honor of the Dragon now to War to War we go

Strike Dragon, Strike
For the Tyger is upon us
Strike Dragon, Strike
Let cold steel give our reply
Strike Dragon, Strike
Feel the battle heat rise in us
Let the ground beneath us tremble when to Victory we fly.

{after the last cannon, until before spring coronation}:
Sleep Dragon, Sleep
For now the War is ended
Sleep Dragon, Sleep
Gentle Dragon take thy rest
Sleep Dragon, Sleep  
For the borders are defended
‘Till we meet again in battle with the Foe we love the best

[repeat first verse]

Fly Dragon, Fly…

© 1989 Ben Tucker

Permission granted for reuse, performance, publication, and recording.  

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